C-123. Appreciation

The concept of appreciation needs to be subjected to theoretical definition (C-81, C-85), to heed the two different, and familiar, Senses of the way we use the term, but also to draw out the implications of the Realization transform (C-111) for our problem solving, and respecting the V/R criterion (C-122).

We can see Appreciation as the Sense of, and assigning of, negative or positive value, V (“-1 … +1”), for a given focus of attention (e.g., popularity); and/or, we can see it as the Sense of what has been, or needs to be, realized, R (“0 …1”), some or all of the process from needed functionality through developed capabilities and structures to final product and its functionalities (e.g., professional competences).

To appreciate Appreciation would be a good start with respect to wider application of the V/R ratio and the VR interdependency (C-122).

(As noted earlier, a capitalized term indicates transformation of a concept to a theoretical construct.)

(c) R.F. Carter