C-135. The SGN correction II

The R-transform is the technology with which we can implement the SGN correction.

Failing to apply the R-transform (C-111, C-122) – “folding the fan” (C-128) – is to dismiss much of the consequentiality inherent in the SGN correction’s (C-104) call to our attention of the step’s materiality (S), of the Nature of Things (N) and its general persisting conditions (G). If not applied, it relegates things – and us -- to a world of particulars.

Those particulars, fascinating and engaging as they are as a source of preoccupation and occupation, have limited individual and collective Realization and reduced our World of Possibility to matters of (too-often idle) speculation. We Grasp some of the consequentiality IN and OF these particulars, but the consequentiality IN and OF consequentiality per se (III: in consort with partial order and discontinuity, the other GPC), is denied us. Our Involve is not up to the task of what we need to Grasp ... then to Involve (C-105)….

The Nature of Things and its GPC impose behavioral requisites and imperatives (Topics VI-XI). These constitute the fundamental needed functionality to which behavioral entities must respond by making and taking steps (S). Thus is the cornerstone laid for Realization ... and problem solving. In this way we have available principles applicable before the fact (III: requisites and imperatives), AT and IN the Frontier (C-118), to supplement principles derived from conditions observed after the fact.

To not have the materiality of step making and taking, to make the “S” correction, is to imperil human survival as well as human progress via Realization. And without the “N” and “G” corrections we lack the (needed functionality) basis for Realization. We need the enhanced Involve capability for minding that these corrections offer.

Failing to apply the R-transform cripples humanism, and with it art and (and a more fully developed) science (App. VIII). We then lack the CEM-Sense (App. XI, App. XVI) and R-Sense (C-128), the minding Grasps, that will help to solve more of our problems (I), to give more meaning to our lives, and improve their quality (0), by our becoming more consequential through development.

(c) 2015 R. F. Carter