C-137. “Basic needs”

Steps taken to secure food, water and shelter are popularly deemed “basic needs.” (They are the footing for Maslow’s pyramid of needs -- on the top of which we see self-realization.) But these steps are not our most basic need. These are steps we take (e.g., to get and conserve) the energy we need in order to be able to make and take the steps we require to avoid and/or arrange collisions in this world’s (in Everything’s: III) general persisting conditions (GPC) of partial order, consequentiality and discontinuity (separateness of R-entities).

These GPC imply behavioral necessity – i.e., needed functionality (NF). NF is the basic need. (The plural, “needs,” gives it away. “Basic needs” talks about particulars, to the exclusion of the general. Hence our suggested SGN correction [C-104] to bring generality, G, into the picture.) NF is the fundamental need (and “force”: C-41).

If one does not forsake history (App. XI; C-108), as when building a pyramid of particulars, NF is fundamental not just at the bottom; it is also fundamental in the beginning (C-38, C-121). And, perhaps most significantly, it is also fundamental going forward, AT and IN the Frontier (C-118, C-119), as the seed for human development via Realization (App. XIX), and further forward utilizing the R-transform technology (C-111).

NF is purpose … generally and fundamentally speaking. Particular purposes are not irrelevant; but they are not the whole picture. Realized Grasp Involve capability, in response to NF (C-105), is more to the point. (Purpose not so much of a particular sort as of a general “sorting out” – as in straightening people, not just objects, out. Of a composing, not just of a disposing. Of strengthening the body step, minding moving and all the other interdependencies.)

(c) 2016 R. F. Carter