C-73. “Reverence for life”

Reverence for life: What are we talking about? About awe, a body state, or about the step’s hard-gained appreciation? (Appreciation as gratitude excepted: reserved for favorable circumstances.) If both, what should the awe/appreciation ratio be? It seems clear that Albert Schweitzer, with whom the phrase is closely identified, would opt for a balanced view – surely not for an over-emphasized awe, surely not with his a life dedicated to assisting life, his a life with no hint of passivity.

Behavioral concept or theory of behavior? In so far as awe is concerned, “reverence for life” as merely a conceptual term may serve adequately. (Perhaps for those who revere births but then are of little help to others thereafter?) But if we would talk about an appreciation of life, then we must consider a more thorough analysis … of living: step after step, problem after problem. We need to see it in the context of behavioral theory.

Realization is implied by appreciation: An understanding of this World of Possibility with which we bring about possibilities by the steps we make and take. To compose is to give life.

(c) R.F. Carter