C-0. Introduction

BFPS introduces, via topics, considerations about effectiveness which though treated separately are parts of a theoretical whole. The following essays bring up matters that link these considerations – across BFPS topics, so to speak – as the Applications do.

It is assumed that the reader will have worked through, at a minimum, the précis and diagrams for all thirteen BFPS topics. Distinctions made there are critical to an understanding of these comments. For example: among types (0) and kinds (I) of problems; between circumstantial and compositional change (II); between the Nature of Things [aka Everything] and the order of things, between generality and universality, between bodily structure and behavioral structure, between logical necessity and behavioral necessity (III); between evolution and development (V); among functional needs (VII); among types of nonsingularity (VIII); among types of knowing (IX); between relation and relationship, between things and thingks (X); among aspects of dynamic relationship (XI) … and so on). These distinctions point to conditions of independence and interdependence, not of opposition. If and when opposed, it would be in competition for focal attention.

These comments are directed toward elaboration and (I hope) elucidation of what I have come to see over the years about communication and cognition, then behavior, and finally Everything. Only in passing and (I also hope) in furtherance of mutual purpose do I comment on the work of others.

Although we stand on the shoulders of a few we must see beyond the midden heaps of many. (Such is my apology for the occasional trespass of criticism into analysis.)

(c) 2011 R. F. Carter