C-181. Redirecting Technology

A starting over … but to make a change, to make steps and not just to take steps – not just “to make a difference” as by simply electing among available solutions – i.e., of steps to take (C-138). Also, there doesn’t have to be a substitution. The starting over can, and should, be the bringing of the R-transform (C-111) to bear, to add contributions from innovative step structure and strengthened step “< = >” body interdependence (C-172-3), in accord with the Nature of Things (III).

Rejecting the body-biased (C-39) notion of a universe to focus instead on the Expansion (C-163,169) and concerning ourselves with our own Expansions (aka lives) -- i.e., our Becomings (C-170), we are setting aside (momentarily) that B-transform perspective on the Expansion … in order to emphasize the R-transform perspective (C-111), to give step making and taking their due – and bringing forth more of the productive body < = > step interdependency of CEM (contingent emergent material)-history (App. XI).

We are also bringing into question the completeness and accuracy, the applicability of language and valuation protocols based on the B-transform together with either of two other transforms, the L-transform (C-156) and the V-transform (C-122). Thus, for example, we question the Grasp (C-105) we have with such formulations as “a place for everything and everything in its place” (B, B-spacetime-protocol), “everything has a price” (B,V-protocol) and “word-thing” (B,L-protocol).

The R-transform redirects us and our technological development. We can also apply it with the other transforms to redirect our technological development. Making more of design – a complete R-word (App. XX; C-107). “Invisible hand” re entity valuation? This engages only actuarial principle after the fact. The R-transform links valuation to behavior’s before-the-fact principle of the evaluation imperative (VIII) ... the latter deriving from the Nature of Things (III) –from which is also derived needed functionality, the “missing link” (C-144) foundation for R-protocol development. Noun-verb and noun-adjective as universal linguistic structures (L-protocols)? The R-transform, to improve message language, stipulates two noun and two verb usages for R-words (App. XX), this to more completely and accurately represent Becoming’s path.

Our Grasp of the Expansion, aided by the R-transform, should change – but only change -- everything, including the direction we take in technology development.

(c) 2017 R. F. Carter