Topic II: All That It Takes (ATIT): Sbeh as Compositional Change

All that it takes (ATIT): Sbeh as compositional change:

1. Compositional change vs. circumstantial change: BE can “make a difference” as mere circumstance or as actor make differences (via step making, compositionally, and step taking) that in turn make differences.

2. 3 A’s: ADEPT as a complement to ADOPT and ADAPT, in light of BE’s consequentiality as difference maker via composition.

3. ATIT is a capability (agency) model; compare to Responsibility (agent) model. Capability demands development; compare with capacity. Contrast ATIT with a motivational, nonspecific model such as “whatever it takes.”

ATIT Components:
  • Help
  • Support
  • Ingredients
  • Imagination (What communication and cognition can do together; ;)
  • Tools
  • Procedures (For collective behavior, especially; see App. 2: Community)
  • Circumstances (General and particular; )
  • Configuring (The art of behavior)
  • Agency (See Topics VI-XI for relevant behavioral principles)
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