C-131. Grasp or grab?

There are no assurances with Grasp (C-107: an R-word) … but this developed and exercised capability (VII; C-105) is better than a grab-onto.

Materiality once Grasped, we make what we can of and with it. We Grasp the Materiality that obtains and Involve it so as to make it (and ourselves) more Material (i.e., consequential).

Compare this to the grab, in despair and desperation – for want of a solution to the behavioral problem (I:Pbeh) … like the grab onto a source of leadership.

A selling point of democracy is that a collective Grasp, via a union (C-112), is better than a single grab-onto as a peoples’ behavioral strategy.

Which, the Grasp or the grab, does an imbalance of decision making over problem solving (XI; C-98) lend itself to? (To that “other climate problem” imbalance which distorts a productive initiative-review proceeding. Ergo: Decline and fall [C-51].)

(c) 2015 R.F. Carter